Eeek... the first "Streamer Of The Month" is FINALLY up and running guys!!

This is something I've been wanting to do for some time so I am super excited to have got things set up! I think it's safe to say, this is going to be an incredible experience for both streamers and Level Up Lola... I can feel it! 

So, without any further excited ramblings.... 




Gamer Girl Pouting   

Name: arghhhbrainsss (Vee)

Age: 32

Location: Devon

Streaming Platform:

Social Media:

Favourite Video Game: Stardew Valley but also currently loving State Of Decay 2!

A Little Bit About This Streamer:

I grew up with video games…from having an Amiga when I was [a lot] younger and playing The Secret of Monkey Island to most of the consoles through the years and most recently, PC.

I used to sit and watch my brother play all the time when I was younger, especially when it was a horror title, it was like watching a movie, I was fascinated.

This is why I love everything about Twitch and becoming a streamer. I’ve only started my journey but already it’s been one of the most fun and fulfilling things I’ve ever done.

I’m a little weird, a bit crude but a right laugh and, that, is my main goal for everyone who comes to my stream, that they have fun.

I love interacting with the chat, it’s like you’re hanging out with friends and playing games together and that’s my favourite thing to do!


Hey Vee!! *WAVES*

Shoutout to this gorgeous gamer girl! Remember to check out her profiles guys and show her some love, Lola style! <3


Lola... OUT!