It's July!!! 

Where on earth has this year gone so far?! Before we know it we will be uttering the C word!! :O

Up next is our gorgeous streamer for July <3
This girl is up and coming, with an awesome Instagram AND Youtube channel, full of gaming news and shout outs!!

So.. put your hands together for our July SOTM...


Gamer Girl On Sofa

Name: Alannah (WickedAzura)


Age: 24


Location:  Portland, OR USA


Twitch/Mixer/Youtube: Twitch is Youtube is: WickedAzura

Streaming Schedule: Tuesday 9PM-11PM PST Thursday: 9pm to 11pm PST and Sunday 9PM to 11PM PST


Favourite Video Game: Dragon Age: Orgins


Tell Us A Little Bit About You… I’m a Gamer and a huge RPG nerd who aspires to have a career in Gaming Journalism. I have been playing video games since I was a little kid. My obsession started with Super Mario 64 and grew from there. Once I got my first Xbox console and discovered Fable I became an avid gamer! I love chatting about games, pop culture and fandom with my friends and fellow gamers, so come join me sometime on Twitch!

Yes girl!!! Head on over to her stream and show this badass girl some love! <3
And tell her Lola sent ya! ;)

Have a freaking awesome July guys!!

Lola, OUT! <3